How it Works?

Ready to apply for a logbook loan here at Garden Loans? Then follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Fill Out Our Form

Filling out our form only takes a few seconds, and we can give you our decision within minutes! If you have any worries about sending your personal details online, we can assure you that we will take utmost care of your personal information and will treat it with confidentiality.

Step 2: Tell Us How Much You Want

After receiving your application, one of our representatives will call you back to know more about the deal that you need. Just tell us the amount you want and we will see how much we can lend you based on your current income and employment status.

Step 3: Choose Your Repayment Options

After letting us know how much you want, we will try to come up with a reasonable payment scheme based on your affordability. Basically, our terms may last between 12 and 72 weeks. While paying off your loan soon will be ideal, we won’t pressure you into short term loans that you cannot afford. We have observed how many people have gotten into worse financial situation because of payday loans, and we don’t want you to experience the same. We’ll calculate your interest rate based on the length of your repayment period and your loan amount.
It’s also okay if you want to pay weekly or monthly. We suggest setting your payment dates a few days after your scheduled pay cheque to ensure that you have the money when repayment time comes and avoid late fees.

Step 4: Complete Your Requirements

Once we’ve come up with a suitable arrangement, then we only have to finalise the deal, and in order to do that we’ll need to check and verify a few requirements from you:

We would also like to see the vehicle which will serve as collateral to check for its value. If it fits the amount you want to borrow, then everything’s settled!

Step 5: Withdraw Your Cash

If you’re happy with our rates and everything else, then you just have to hand over the logbook and sign the bill of sale, then we’ll write you a cheque right then and there! If you want the funds deposited to your account directly, that would be fine as well! You can now go home with your cash and your car still with you!